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Why pipelines are integral to our energy future.

Because delivering the reliable, resilient, sustainable and affordable natural gas and oil you need should be done in the safest, most responsible way.

Low emission natural gas is shipped by pipelines

As the world addresses climate change, Canada’s natural gas transported by pipelines will be an important part of the solution. Natural gas and LNG from Canada can help lower GHG emissions when they are used to displace higher-emitting fuels for power generation. Canada’s abundant supply of natural gas (we are the fourth largest producer in the world) needs pipelines to transport it to markets here at home and around the world.

Near-zero emission hydrogen is shipped by pipelines

Hydrogen is a near-zero emission fuel source, and Canada is one of the world’s top 10 producers. Alberta already has an existing hydrogen pipeline. CEPA members are developing and investing in hydrogen strategies that will help Canada meet its own emissions targets and position the country to be a global supplier of hydrogen.

You count on natural gas and oil shipped by pipelines

Pipelines safely transport the natural gas and oil you count on for travelling, heating your home, cooking, transporting goods, growing food and so much more. About 70 per cent1 of fuel needs in Canada today are met by natural gas and oil. And 92 per cent of Canada’s oil and 100 per cent of its natural gas are shipped by pipeline. While the proportion of energy production from alternative sources like solar and wind is rising, forecasts indicate natural gas and oil could still provide over 50 per cent of the world’s energy in 2040.2

1. Natural Resources Canada, Energy Factbook 2019-2020
2. International Energy Agency, World Energy Outlook 2020

Canadians need reliable, resilient, sustainable and affordable energy supplies to power their lives and our country’s economy. That makes safe and reliable pipeline infrastructure vital. CEPA and its members are helping build a better energy future by continuously improving in the areas of safety and environmental performance through CEPA Integrity First®, as well as through international collaboration.

Through CEPA Integrity First®, CEPA members work collaboratively to share their knowledge and innovations with each other. We do not compete on safety – we join forces to continuously improve industry performance in key areas:

Advance safety culture by supporting robust safety management with the goal of achieving zero incidents.

Improve safety and overall performance by applying a management system approach and maintaining our commitment to never compete on safety.

Safeguard communities and the environment by taking proactive, purposeful and deliberate actions for the full lifecycle of our pipelines and facilities.

Drive performance improvement across Canada’s transmission pipeline industry by promoting collaboration and the proactive sharing of best practices.

We do not compete on safety

Hundreds of representatives from CEPA member companies meet in 17 different communities of practice and work groups, sharing advances in technology and operational practices so that all members can achieve uniformly high performance. Each community of practice or work group contributes to a key area of Canada’s pipeline industry.

Control room management

In-line inspection

Damage prevention

Geohazard management

Emergency management

Corrosion control

Pipeline integrity


Safety management

Climate change


Indigenous affairs


Property tax

Public awareness

Regulatory policy

Management systems

About this

Canadians want honest, transparent reporting about the safety, environmental protection and socio-economic contributions of the transmission pipeline industry, as well as our ongoing efforts to evolve for tomorrow.

The 2021 Transmission Pipeline Industry Performance Report captures CEPA member performance in 2020. This voluntary report produced by CEPA (our seventh annual) is part of our industry’s commitment to transparency and accountability as CEPA members work together to share best practices, learn from one another and collectively improve the entire industry to serve Canada and the world.

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Continuous Improvement

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